Tube Amplification*NEW*

Book of Laminations

BV-12 Review


Tube Noise

Rode NT2 Fix

Telefunken AR 70

Q47 D Capsule Review

460 Mini-Mod DIY

Polar Pattern Madness


Choosing a Transformer

6922 Tube

The CCDA (APEX) Mic Circuit

CT12 Capsule Review

Polar Pattern Madness

Digital Audio, by the Numbers

LA-610 improvement

Telefunken AR 51

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Tech Talk and Product Reviews

These pages are devoted to those of you are tech info junkies. We do a lot of experiments on various components that go into our upgraded microphones and so in the spirit of the net, we are sharing them with you.

Over time we will be adding Papers here on topics that we find interesting. Can different capacitors really sound different? Can we prove it scientifically?

Can a man fall in love with a vacuum tube? Ok I haven't bought a ring yet but read about the 6922 and we think you may want to go on a date with this thing.

What about Cathode followers? Are they really evil incarnate or do they have uses. And what the heck is a CCDA circuit?

Come back here now and then and see what we are up to in the lab!

Have you ever wondered how a tube can amplify a tiny signal and make it bigger. It's not hard with our easy to understand article. How Does a Tube Amplify.

(No math required!)


Not exactly Holy Scripture, but the book of Laminations will let you listen to the effect of some common microphone transformers on the sound of a track with no other variables. It's an interesting "revelation"

The Book of Laminations

We took a hard look at the BV-12 from Avantone. We had a customer who bought one but it didn't work when it arrived. We repaired it and then made it into a better mic, while remaining true to the original design.

The Magic of the EF86 Tube

We put together an alternative way to create a u67 sounding mic using the EF86 tube. It really is nice to use and has a certain...

*"Je ne sais quois"

* "I don't know what" in French

Whatever it is, I am losing my love for other tubes, but maybe it's just a boyish crush. For now, let's just say we are seeing each other.

Tube Noise

What to expect and how you can find it yourself

AR 70

T-Funk's AR 70 Stereo mic exposed. Worth a read for sure!

Universal Audio LA-610 MK II

Simple way to improve your LA-610 Mk II. Who knew?

Q47 D Capsule Review

Examination of this K47 style capsule with a sound file.

Digital Audio, by the Numbers

Explains what having more bits does for digital audio

Polar Pattern Madness

Ever wonder what all those 9 polar patterns do to your microphone. Polar Pattern Madness might surprise you! Check out

Choosing a Transformer

Learn how to choose the transformer that matches the tube you want to use in your microphone and more in . This may help you decide what to do with your own do-it-yourself modification project.

460 Mini-Mod

Check this one out. It explains not just HOW to make big improvements in your APEX 460, for low cost, but WHY they work!